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Fab-Set - Acid Rinse & Neutralizer

Fab-Set - Acid Rinse & Neutralizer


Fab-Set is a concentrated mild-acid solution that is excellent as a final step in the upholstery cleaning process to neutralize detergents, stabilize dyes and prevent browning.

Fab-Set is safe on synthetic and all types of water-safe natural fibers. When used as a final rinse or spray neutralizer, Fab-Set will leave fabrics feeling soft, clean and new. Also, three different corrosion inhibitors in the formula block corrosion on standard metal parts.

Fab-Set may be used as a final rinse through your machine or spray-misted on fabric after cleaning.

RTU pH: 2.8

Dilution Ratios:
Portables - 4-6 oz./Gal.
Truckmounts - 1 Qt./5 Gal. Water

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